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Internet Acceptable Use Policy

The Five Star Interlocal Cooperative assures that the use of the Internet will further education by promoting the exchange of information and ideas and by providing statewide, national, and global opportunities for staff, students and the community. Students will be able to access the Internet under the supervision of school personnel.

Since the Internet constitutes an unregulated collection of educational resources, which change constantly, it is not possible to predict or control exactly what resources may locate. The school district makes no guarantee of the accuracy of the information or the supervision; however, it is not possible to constantly monitor individual students and what they are accessing. Therefore several safeguards have been implemented in addition to supervision to protect the safety of students. Additional measures include filtering software and AUP’s.

Staff and students must agree to receive training, which will address the issues of appropriate use of the Internet, copyright laws, Internet etiquette, and fees (if any) incurred during the use of the services. All students wishing to use the services on any district computer will sign an Internet use agreement.

General User Policy